Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 

I wouldn't consider myself a 'winner', in the conventional sense. I am not good at competing (I used to compete in martial arts when I was younger, but I never won, nor did I ever care). On June 29th, I won something! I won the Edmonton Music Award for "Indie Rock Recording" for my song "Window"!!! I literally jumped out of my seat and threw everything of my lap out of excitement. What an incredible moment and I am buzzing from it. This song - heck, the entire album - has been a labour of love for me and I am so happy it has been recognized as a "winner". Every single person who was involved in this album is integral to the success of it. I am so proud of their work and I am continuously happy how everything turned out. I am excited for the future - there are some surprises coming up as well :-) 

Until next time, here are a few photos from the night! 


Love you all,




That's me! Saying thanks to people and smiling like a pageant contestant...



And this is my real legit reaction once it really set in that I had won something :-) 


A fun photo of the afterparty that we got to play at! 



I have been nominated for THREE Edmonton Music Awards! I am incredibly honoured and grateful for this recognition. 'this desolate bliss.' was created over a few years with many hours of passion-fueled labour. I am eternally grateful for my band, my producer, my pals, my partner, the other nominees, and the Edmonton music community at large. The awards will be handed out June 28th in Edmonton, and I cannot wait to see all my pals in one spot!  

So happy so honoured <3  

Hi folks! 


Just wanted to let you know that my song St. Petersburg off my new album 'this desolate bliss.' has been chosen as a semi-finalist in the Canadian Songwriting Contest - Adult Contemporary category!!! I couldn't be happier and more honoured to be chosen! 

This song was written after reading a passage from a book about human psychology and animal behaviours. It was a story of a crocodile names Cookie, who lived in the town of St. Petersburg Florida in the mid-seventies. Cookie lived in a zoo-like facility, owned by a man who thought of all the animals he owned as his children. One day, a man and his young child were looking at cookie when the man turned away for a moment to get some grapes to throw down at cookie. The child, who had been left on the retaining wall, fell into the enclosure with Cookie. Cookie, being a wild animal, saw live prey, and well, all I will say is it was a tragic ending for the little boy. The owner of Cookie was wracked with guilt that he went into the enclosure that night, shot Cookie, and closed the zoo down for good. The song I wrote speaks of the guilt you can feel and how it can ruin your life. 

I am deeply honoured that the jury at Canadian Songwriting Competition felt this song deserved to be in the semi-finalist category. 


Talk soon, my lovelies xoxox

March Update // Shows  

Happy (almost) spring! 


I have been taking this time to learn and explore all things musical - writing, playing, and one of the hardest things to do, learning how to listen. It's been a wonderful experience for me and I am excited to share with you what I have learned so far. I find that taking time to learn new skills (or to refine old ones) helps open up my mind to new ideas. It's a wonderful thing. 

I will be playing some shows in the next few weeks, and I am excited to share some new music with you! You can catch me at one of these lovely places in Edmonton in the next little while:


March 8 // 4:30 // Edmonton City Hall // International Women's Day Celebration

March 8 // 6-8 // Edmonton Federal Building // Solo Performance 

March 9 // 5:30 // Otto Food and Drink // SkirtsAfire 'Key of She' Solo Performance 

March 10 // 5:30 // Otto Food and Drink // SkirtsAfire 'Key of She' Solo Performance 


I would love to see you out and about - please say hello <3 


(I will be announcing some B.C. dates shortly - stay tuned!)







New year, new me-ish / tour dates announced / new sounds on Spotify 



I love the new year. I love that it signifies a new beginning in a way, but also a way to look back on all the wonderful things that have come our way. 2017 was an incredible year for me - I got to tour across Western Canada, I played some incredible shows, and I released 'this desolate bliss.' which had been percolating away inside of me for a few years - it was a very cathartic thing for me to do. Releasing that album was a mix of excitement and fear - excitement to throw it into the world, but also fearful of letting go of something that has been incredibly close to my heart for a long time. All in all, I feel great about releasing the album, and I am very excited for what the next year brings.  First up, I will be bringing my band with me for a small (BUT MIGHTY) tour to the prairies! I am VERY excited for this! Dates are as follows:

January 24 // Winnipeg MB // Handsome Daughter // w The Deeds and Kakagi // More Info HERE

January 25 // Regina SK // Cloud 9 // w Ava Wild and Loa // More Info HERE

January 26 // Saskatoon SK // Capitol Music Club // w The Department Heads and The Bad Decisions // More info HERE

January 27 // Calgary AB // Nite Owl // w Lion Pride and The Torchettes // More info HERE


More tour dates will be released soon - keep up to date on my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages <3 

One more thing - I have been added to a few super cool playlists on Spotify which I am super jazzed about! Check them out here:


For some awesome indie tracks with a Canadian twist, check our Hungry Hollow Indie Hour by Hungry Hollow

For an unreal mix of music from Edmonton artists (new and old!), check out The Best of Edmonton Playlist by King of Foxes

For an eclectic mix of genres from Canada, check out Road Friends by Apollo Suns


Have fun listening <3 






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